Specialist, Health Informatics
Large Healthcare Non-profit

Faced with progressing healthcare practices in a fast-paced industry, it is essential to include the fresh, diverse perspectives of individuals who are new to the profession. Like Revel, many emerging healthcare leaders who attend HIMSS conferences span the healthcare ecosystem and represent students, young professionals, and career changers on a quest for professional development opportunities and in pursuit of crucial resources to help them advance to the next phase of their careers.

Emerging healthcare professionals like Revel are coming to HIMSS24 because of their passion for continued learning and development and to stay in the know about emerging data and technology trends that will improve workflows and operations in their organizations.

What are Revel’s Top of Mind Issues?
  • Leveraging expertise to present analytics-driven arguments that solve organizational challenges
  • Participating as a team member to implement healthcare technologies that improve patient outcomes
  • Identifying ways to leverage technology to achieve multi-dimensional healthcare approaches that provide holistic care solutions
  • Expanding career opportunities, continuing to develop and reinforcing expertise, and standing out in a competitive market