Venture Capitalist and Corporate Investor
Private Investment Firm

In an uncertain economy, the need for investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and startups is more critical than ever as they seek to discover the next new healthcare innovation and collaboration opportunities that advance and influence the next level of digital health transformation.

Attendees like Arya are coming to HIMSS24 to make valuable connections for their organizations, discover visionaries and pioneers, expand their portfolio, find potential new partnerships, and explore emerging technologies and markets.

What are Arya’s Top of Mind Issues?
  • Identifying healthcare opportunities with low risk and long-term growth potential
  • Developing partnerships with providers to understand needs and interests for investment
  • Exploring potential new solutions from startups and innovation companies
  • Creating recession-proof strategies that keep can positively impact care delivery and minimizing negative margins
  • Assessing future sustainability and scalability, and reducing investment risks
  • Gaining greater perspective into emerging healthcare markets and solutions through dialogue with start-ups, providers and regulators, and through engagement with luminaries