Nurse Informaticist
Large Hospital System

As healthcare providers who remain on the frontlines of care, nurses like Gabrielle remain committed to patient care and seek to improve  experiences for patients and their families. With the physical and cognitive demands of the position, coupled with staffing shortages, and the need to adopt ever-evolving clinical technologies, nurses work tirelessly to strike a balance between workload complexities, workforce challenges, and patient-first strategies.

Gabrielle is coming to HIMSS24 to make connections, develop professionally, earn clinical CE, and discover countless solutions focused on workforce development, nursing informatics education, clinical workflow improvements, interprofessional collaboration, consumer education on the use of digital tools, exploration of new innovations, and the future of nursing.

What are Gabrielle’s Top of Mind Issues?

  • Avoiding burnout and fatigue, especially facing nursing shortages beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Exploring the latest innovations and applying them for patient care delivery and efficiency
  • Identifying new technologies finding strategies that can help accelerate interoperability at the bedside
  • Advocating to enhance the patient experience and supporting health equity initiatives
  • Responding to and enabling the caregiver and their family in the clinical settings
  • Enriching their knowledge and understanding of how to apply data analytics to advance healthcare digital transformation