Primary Care Practice

Over the past few years, physicians like Lennox have faced rapid transformation across the care spectrum, affecting everything from the ways patients engage to technology adoption to compliance and regulations. Whether in a hospital system or in private practice, today’s physicians remain committed to providing the best possible care experiences for the populations they serve while balancing  workforce shortages, workload challenges, advancing fatigue, and transformational technology adoption.

Lennox is coming to HIMSS24 to learn how to adapt to evolving technologies, manage quality and safety, and explore solutions that help them prioritize the needs of their patients.

What are Lennox’s Top of Mind Issues?

  • Improving the patient experience and equitable access to care, whether virtually or in-person
  • Gaining access to and analyzing population data to support clinical decision making
  • Applying and adopting to evolving technologies, and getting the most out of existing EMRs
  • Ensuring interoperability and implementation of standards
  • Managing increasing caseload, balancing administrative burden, avoiding clinical burnout across care teams and addressing regulatory changes
  • Recognizing emerging needs, exploring challenges and preparing solutions to address behavioral health