Natural Products Expo East 2021 Signage

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Natural Products Expo East
New Hope Network (Informa)


Health & Nutrition, Natural Products


Natural Products Expo East
2021 Signage

Natural Products Expo is the leading business-to-business trade show for the natural, organic & healthy products industry. After two long years, 2021 marked the return of in-person events and the move from Baltimore to Philadelphia.

As the primary designer for Natural Products Expo, I was responsible for creating all onsite signage for the in-person event (excluding the conference signs, which were populated by the conference signage designer). Prior to the event, I created templates for all the various signage types and worked with the operations team to include my mockups in the official vendor spec sheet. The show campaign is new, so I worked closely with the Creative Director on integrating the updated brand guidelines and ensuring a consistent look throughout the show.

All photography by Bryan Beasley