Erin is an absolute delight to work with! She’s a designer with a keen eye, but with a head for business as well. She leaves her ego at the door and delivers what her internal and external customers need. I was so fortunate to have Erin’s expertise for many years and wish we still worked together. She always delivered top-notch creative and new ideas all while remaining calm during crunch time. She’s a special person and a gifted creative. I couldn’t recommend her more!
Liz Bothwell
Content & Marketing Director, Informa (Waste360 Group, WasteExpo)
I have had the pleasure of working with Erin for several years now not just on the Natural Product Shows but also Club Industry, NBJ Summit, WasteExpo, Global Waste Management Symposium and Engredea! Erin is a trusted partner. When it comes to developing new creative needed for our event or even just bouncing around ideas, Erin is the designer I want to work with the most. Erin is thoughtful in her approach. She always asks great questions and provides ideas that are aligned with our vision. She is an active listener – she truly seeks to understand the concept we are trying to bring to life. Erin is also a joy to work with! She is positive, hard-working and fun to be around. Not only that, she always seeks to create a better, more streamlined experience for our respective teams. She most recently developed an easier way for us to review all NPEW signage so that things go as efficiently and smoothly as possible. I find that I now seek Erin out whenever I need someone with a creative eye or simply need to talk something out. I hope to work with Erin for many years to come!
Sharon Zittle
Director of Operations, Informa (Informa Markets)
It has been a great pleasure getting to work directly with Erin. Erin is extremely organized and thinks quickly on her feet. She possesses these characteristics and so many other positive qualities that contributed to her excellent project execution. She’s a reliable and considerate co-worker, managed her time so well she completed many tasks for our team. Erin is always up for a new challenge, asks or seeks answers, and aspires to always deliver. She is a true team player and goes beyond what is expected of her.
Yissel Pape
Digital Marketing & Program Coordinator, Informa (Informa Engage)
I really enjoyed working with Erin. She is not only an extremely talented designer, she is a problem solver and a conceptual thinker. Erin thrives on challenges and has a very high standard of quality. She is very passionate about her craft. I was very lucky to have worked with her. Erin will be an exceptional addition to a creative team.
Andrew Zareck
Creative Director, Buhv Designs (previously the Creative Director at Big Buzz)
Erin is an extremely dedicated, driven and talented graphic designer. Her designs are born out of both inspiration and strategy, so the finished products get noticed and get results. Her true passion is for web design, and she is also an accomplished designer of logo, identity and other print initiatives. Erin has an incredibly nurturing and giving disposition. I am lucky to have had her on my team.
Wendy O'Donovan Phillips
CEO, Big Buzz